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Mtime is China's #1 movie portal with 170 million unique visitors per month and the largest online ticketing and movie merchandising company in the country. It is also the only independent, integrated film marketing and media platform in China. Additionally, Mtime designs, manufactures and sells high-end movie merchandise derived from one of the largest licensed movie IP portfolios in the world. A partner to all of the top US film studios, Mtime is the premier e-commerce, in-theater retail and entertainment news destination for filmgoers across China. Mtime is also the #1 movie ticket-seller and film database in the country, representing 90% of the movie theaters in 500 Chinese cities.

From its inception, the priority for Mtime has always been to maintain its deep connection with movie fans. Mtime’s engagement with and vital understanding of this community is the foundation for the company’s impressive growth, and has fueled its expanding coverage into television, music and fashion. Now, 170 million Chinese readers, including 90 million online and 70 million via mobile, use Mtime as their go-to site for everything entertainment-related.

As the #1 ticket-seller in China, Mtime represents 90% of all theaters in 500 Chinese cities, enabling fans to purchase tickets via the website, mobile app or in-theater kiosks, circumventing lines and reducing wait time.

Mtime is also the largest movie merchandising platform in PRC. Boosting the largest in-house design team in China, Mtime conceives, develops and produces high-quality, fully licensed, film-themed products that extend the movie experience and deepen audience connections. Mtime carries over 800 different product lines from its partners, in addition to its own products, making it THE movie merchandising destination in PRC.

Mtime’s marketing arm is the only one of its kind that works with all of the major Hollywood studios and develops fully integrated, culturally relevant marketing campaigns to nimbly build excitement for upcoming releases and help drive ticket sales across the world’s fastest growing film marketplace. Experts in marketing films within China’s rigorous guidelines, Mtime is able to maneuver quickly and efficiently to implement integrated campaigns within the country’s brief windows between approval and release.


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